Learning is fun

DACE cert
Mr Tho (left) receiving his WDA Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education Certificate from Mr David Wong (right).

Teaching is the mother of all professions. It is thus important to maximize the quality and productivity of the teaching profession. Like water, teaching has to adapt to the environment. The physics of how water flows, has not changed over time. Likewise how the brain learns and improves, have also not changed in time. Technology has changed the learning environment. Educators have to make use of the tools that are now available to enhance the use of the tried and tested pedagogies.

As an educator, I had my hands full just dealing with curriculum development, teaching, assessment and managing both students & teachers all at the same time. It left little or no time to look into how technology has changed and how it can be harnessed to improve the learners' experience. I have thus decided to spend more time in researching technology for the use in education. That was how ELearn Guide started. Elearn Guide's objective is to harness the technology that is available and use it to improve teaching & learning. Most students now own a computer in their hand in the form of a mobile phone. It is time to revolutionize the way students learn and the way educators teach.

Tho Yow Kin
ELearn Guide