Mobile apps

It has been reported that there are more than 7.2 billion mobile phones in use which more than the world population.
According to comScore’s 2015 Mobile App Report, mobile app usage has grown by 90% over the last 2 years. It is thus vital to have mobile apps in the E-Learning eco system.

Below are some sample apps which are mobile designed with mobile first in mind.

Math app

Click on the hint button in the app to see the animation. Animation helps learners' visualize a concept. It also showcase the use of Mathematical or Scientific fonts and symbols which will adjust to the mobile screen size.

Results app

This app displays Singapore's Track and Field results and is feature rich to help in education and charting performance. This app is already live and showcase actual data stored in a database. Videos are linked to the results to educate athletes. There are more than 3000 active track and field athletes in the database of the app.
The structure of the app can be applied to any academic results oriented programme.