It is critical that learning materials have video content where users can play, pause and go through at their own time. Visually being able to see how things are done gives visual learners a better way to understand a process. Although it not going to replace a written manual or instruction, it is critical to have it in any e-learning setup. 

Some of the many uses of multimedia

  1. User Operation guides
  2. Animation
  3. Interviews to share experience
  4. Presentation 

Sample user guide

Live Screenshots of computer applications or mobile phones will help learners' navigate and learn features and functions of a software instruction much faster. This can be used to train staff or used as a product guide for customers. In an academic environment it could be used as an educators' guide or a learners' guide.

Dynamic sketch

A sketched picture or a sketched title page to the introduction to a video will be a great attention grabber. A great presentation tool to have in any E-Learning content.


3D Animation simulates complex real world applications.

Video Interview

Videos are great for repetitive presentations and provides a different voice to the educator during the lesson. It can also be used in blended learning or flip classrooms.