Responsive Website

A responsive website is a website that will adjust its content layout and content size according to the device the user is using. The enormous growth of mobile phones and tablets has made it a must to have a responsive website.

Together with a responsive site, there is also a need to add data analytics to know how well received the website is and how many of customers are repeat visitors. 

Some of the things to consider in a website:-

  1. Content which are easily added or changed like a blog.
  2. Social media updates from twitter or facebook.
  3. Social media link.
  4. Videos. 
  5. Images.


Retail Shop

This is a sample site with videos to showcase products. Unlike traditional sites that just list names of products, this site brings the passion of the manufacturers which will appeal to the fashion conscious customers.

A facebook link is also embedded into the site where the posts on the facebook page are automatically updated to the website.

User's can also easily add their latest products and news to the website.

Social media

This is a sample site with twitter feed links that automatically post tweets to the website.